Compilation – Gods Of Darkness – CD on Nuclear Blast Records





Compilation – Gods Of Darkness – Compact Disc

Nuclear Blast Records

Brand new, never played and in the factory plastic but promo cut in case

Song List
Moonchild Domain – Dimmu Borgir
Loss and Curse of Reverence – Emperor
Malice Through the Looking Glass – Cradle of Filth
Banner of Blasphemy – Agathodaimon
Mother North – Satyricon
Freezing Moon –
Planetarium – Kovenant
Erostdemonstorm – Immortal
Where Dead Angels Lie – Dissection
Manifestation – Gehenna
Hordalendignen – Enslaved
Summoning the Guardians of the Astral Gate – Bal-Sagoth
Craven – Dismal Euphony
Eclipse of the Infernal Storms – Naglfar
Arrival – Abyss

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