Compilation – High Jack Politics Of Ecstasy – CD on Wax Trax Records





Compilation – High Jack Politics Of Ecstasy – Compact Disc

Wax Trax Records

Brand New, never played and still in the factory plastic

This is essentially a “fake” compilation, because most of the tracks were recorded by Richard Norris, who was one of the electronic music masterminds working with Psychic TV during part of their acid house period. The release is in the guise of a various artists compilation to make Psychic TV appear to be part of a bigger movement or network of groups.

Song List
Meet Every Situation Head On – M.E.S.H
Groove To Get Down – Sugardog
Tune In Turn On – Psychic TV
Psyche Out – King Tubby
Joy – DJ Doktor Megatrip With Luv Bass
Rabid Bliss – Pearl Necklace

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