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Compilation – Melting Plot – Compact Disc

Song List
Clear Spot – Painted Willie
I Am Right – Sonic Youth
Apes-Ma – Dez Cadena
Stairway To Heaven – Redd Zepp
Hotel California – John Press
Yummy Yummy – L7
Erections Are Glamorous – Brewer Tendencies
Shortnin Bread – The Hellcows
It’s Not Unusual – Chemical People
Crazy Horses – Revolution 409
S. O. S. – Celebrity Skin
Tales Of Brave Ulysses – Algebra Suicide
Boogie Fever – Project Jenny
Wild Honey Pie – Das Damen
Burnin’ Love – I Love You
Shoot Me In The Dark – Brews Springstein
Master Of The Universe – D. C. 3

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