Compilation – Social Chaos Anarchy In North America Tour ’99 – CD on Beloved Recordings





Compilation – Social Chaos Anarchy in North America Tour 99 – Compact Disc

Beloved Recordings

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

Song List
Abolish Goverment/Silent Majority – T.S.O.L
Urban Kids (Original Version) – Chelsea
Maradona – The Buisness
Breeders – Vice Squad
War On The Pentagon Part 1 & 2 – U.K. Subs
I’m True – Anti-Heros
I’m The Liar – D.R.I.
Did You Play War? – Murphy’s Law
Killer On The Internet – The Vibrators
Another Bomb – Gang Green
Frustration – Lower East Side Stitches
Brainwash – D.O.A.
Systematic Abuse – One Way System
Forced To Suck – Sloppy Seconds
Monica – Sham 69 (bonus track)

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