Dismal Euphony – All Little Devils – CD on Nuclear Blast Records





Dismal Euphony – All Little Devils – Compact Disc

Nuclear Blast Records

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

Taking cues from the so-called “symphonic black metal” style — specifically, bands like Therion and the Gathering, who prominently employ female vocalists — Dismal Euphony conjure up a dark, otherworldly vision of elegant despair on All Little Devils. Pianos, strings, and synthesizers swirl around the harmonized female lead vocals and crunching metal attack.

Song List
1. Days Of Sodom
2. Rage Of Fire
3. Victory
4. All Little Devils
5. Lunatic
6. Psycho Path
7. Shine For Me, Misery
8. Scenario
9. Dead Words

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