Judas Priest ‎- ’98 Live Meltdown – German Import Double CD Set





Judas Priest ‎- ’98 Live Meltdown – German Import Double CD Set

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

“All tracks from ‘Meltdown’ were recorded on the ’98 Jugulator World Tour. These particular versions were selected as much for the audience participation as for the band’s performance. The only edits are where we have blended the different audiences together between songs in order to recreate the atmosphere of a non-stop Priest concert rather than subject everyone to continual fade-in and fade-outs from different shows. Be there with us – enjoy and join in – the Priest is back!”

Steamhammer Records

German Import

Track Listing

The Hellion
Electric Eye
Metal Gods
Rapid Fire
Blood Stained
The Sentinel
Touch Of Evil
Burn In Hell
The Ripper
Bullet Train
Beyond The Realms Of Death
Death Row

Disc 2
Metal Meltdown
Night Crawler
Victim Of Changes
Diamonds & Rust
Breaking The Law
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
Hell Bent For Leather
Living After Midnight