The Damned – Eternal Damnation – Compact Disc



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The Damned – Eternal Damnation – Compact Disc

Song List

1. I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
2. Plan 9 – (with Channel 7)
3. Smash It Up
4. I Feel Alright
5. Love Song
6. Neat Neat Neat / New Rose
7. Ballroom Blitz
8. Melody Lee
9. Looking At You
10. Problem Child
11. Suicide
12. Stretcher Case
The Damned: Captain Sensible (vocals, bass); Dave Vanian (vocals); Brian James (guitar); Rat Scabies (drums).Includes liner notes by Dave Henson.A reissued follow-up to archival live Damned releases like 1996’s FIENDISH SHADOWS LIVE, 1999’s ETERNAL DAMNATION LIVE captures the group at a rather odd period in its career. This material was recorded in London in 1981, during the last days of the classic Dave Vanian-Captain Sensible-Rat Scabies-Paul Gray lineup, just as the Damned was reinventing itself as a cartoony goth-rock outfit. Singer Vanian dressed like a vampire in those days, looking quite like Joe Flaherty’s SCTV character, Count Floyd.The songs here mostly come from the power-poppy early days, when the Damned was a group of quirky, jokey punks. Recast in Vanian’s newfound florid and goofy style, the whole thing becomes a very strange and enjoyably silly punk-goth hybrid. The highlight is an utterly deranged version of the Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz,” dedicated to Princess Diana and sung with the chorus “she’s got great big tits.” This live set was previously released in 1987 under the title MINDLESS DIRECTIONLESS ENERGY.


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