The Edsel Auctioneer – Simmer – CD on Shimmy Disc Records





The Edsel Auctioneer – Simmer – Compact Disc

Song List
1. Undertow
2. Stomachful
3. Pop Song #2
4. Ballad Of Richard Holt
5. Slouch
6. Starfish
7. Ballast
8. Drone
9. Dragging My Hide
10. Monuments

Edsel Auctioneer was a band formed in Leeds in 1988 by Ashley Horner (guitar/ vocals), Phil Pettler (bass/ vocals), Aidan Winterburn (vocals, guitar) and Chris Cooper (drums). They were named after the ill-fated Ford automobile whose front grille was supposed to have resembled a woman’s pudenda. Best friends with Pale Saints, they lived on the same street in Leeds, Harold Avenue (which spawned the so-called Voice of the Harolds). In early ’88 they recorded a number of songs for a small indie label in Glasgow (including Blind Hurricane) but this never got released. Instead the songs found their way to John Peel who described in Offbeat magazine the moment he heard the cassette he drove off the A12 to Suffolk in shock. Peel subsequently invited the band into Maida Vale to do a session. They recorded four songs (“Brickwall Dawn”, “Blind Hurricane”, “Between Two Crimes” and “Place In the Sun”) and it was broadcast in late 1988 and again in 1989. On the back of this they signed to Decoy Records, a sub-division of Rhythm King records that also was the home of Mega City Four. They recorded their first single “Our New Skin/ Strung” in Camden with Iain Burgess (friend of Steve Albini) and followed this with an EP “Stickleback”/ “Bed, Table, Chair”/ “Necessary Disease” and “Unbroken Line”. These first two releases were collected as a mini-album Voice of the Harolds. The music has often been classified as something like Dinosaur Jr, Hüsker Dü and My Bloody Valentine, although there were also traces of the Byrds, the Monkees and sixties garage bands as well as the Go-Betweens and the Pixies.

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