The Jack Saints / The Idiots – Split – CD on Mans Ruin Records





The Jack Saints / The Idiots – Split – Compact Disc

Mains Ruin Records

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

Jack Saints is a garage Punk/Rock ‘n Roll band formed in Palm Springs, California, in 1995. In 1996 they moved to San Francisco and became part of the underground music scene there, releasing three singles, three albums, and appearing on many compilations.

Song List
1. Fools
2. Japanese Girls Are Punk Rock
3. SFI
4. Don King Productions
5. Burned Out
6. Public Opinion
7. Mental Prejudices
8. Punk Rock Rip Off
9. Alone II
10. Penetrate
11. My Life My Blood
12. Violent Thoughts
13. B-Song
14. Muni Driver (Sick Pleasure)
15. Hinkley Had A Vision (Cruicifucks)
16. Live @ Gilman Street
17. Fox Sister
18. Brain Bats From Venus
19. White Trash War Cry
20. Riff Randell
21. Barbara Steele
22. Pay Your Dues
23. Lonely Man
24. Hunting With Nugent
25. Evil Genius

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