Trotsky Icepick – Baby – CD on SST Records





Trotsky Icepick – Baby – Compact Disc

Trotsky Icepick were an US-American Indie rock band. Their active period was from the mid-eighties to the early nineties. During that time they released six records, all on SST Records.

SST Records

Brand new, never played and sealed in the factory plastic

Song List
1. Incident
2. Danle’s Flame
3. Mar Vista Bus Stop
4. Little Push At The Top Of The Stairs, A
5. Bury Manilow
6. Pillars Of Salt
7. Big Daddy
8. Don’t Buy It
9. Windowpane
10. ?
11. And It Goes Like This
12. Barricades
13. Robitussin Rag
14. Bonus Track 1
15. Bonus Track 2

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