GobbleHoof – Headbanger / Ridin Shotgun – Seven inch vinyl featuring J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr on SST Records





GobbleHoof – Headbanger / Ridin Shotgun – Seven Inch Vinyl

The fact that J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) was the drummer on GobbleHoof’s six-song debut ensured a measure of fanzine-level interest for the Amherst, Massachusetts, group. However, the person who really makes GobbleHoof worth hearing is Charlie Nakajima (who was in the pre-Dinosaur Deep Wound with Mascis and Lou Barlow), less a singer than a dramatic speaker with a commanding presence. His credit for “narration” rather than vocals is apt. As guitarist Tim Aaron reels off competent grunge noise (complete with wah-wah and all the trimmings), Nakajima recounts his lyrics in a weary, resonant deep voice, only occasionally reaching out to catch passing melody notes.

Track Listing

(Ridin) Shotgun

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