Lead Into Gold – Age Of Reason – Vinyl album featuring Paul Barker of Ministry on Wax Trax Records



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Lead Into Gold – Age Of Reason – Vinyl Album

Lead into Gold derives its name from the mystical practice of alchemy. The band is basically a solo project for Paul Barker, a talented and avant-garde bassist who joined forces with Alain Jourgensen in the late ’80s to create several influential and powerful Ministry. Paul and Roland Barker, as well as frequent future collaborator Bill Rieflin, played in a Seattle-based band called the Blackouts. When the Blackouts inked with Wax Trax! Jourgensen (already operating under the Ministry moniker) immediately partnered with Barker and the pair unleashed a multitude of vehicles including RevCo, 1000 Homo DJs, and Lard. Jourgensen and Barker dubbed themselves Hypo Luxa and Hermes Pan (respectfully and respectively) after a pair of free-wheeling Greek prostitutes. In the midst of this plethora of pounding, Lead into Gold emerged as Barker’s baby. He wrote and sang each cut on the sole full-length Age of Reason, as well as the extended singles, Faster Than Light, Idiot, and Chicks and Speed: Futurism

Song List
1. Age Of Reason
2. Unreason
3. Snake Oil
4. Giant On Earth, A
5. Faster Than Light
6. Lunatic/Genius
7. Sweet Thirteen
8. Fell From Heaven


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