Evil Mothers – Crossdresser – Vinyl LP on Invisible Records





Evil Mothers – Crossdresser – Vinyl LP

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal

Invisible Records
The industrial noise band Evil Mothers formed in Texas in 1990; comprising frontman Curse Mackey, guitarist Jason Ucab, bassist Patrick Sane and drummers Roland Bobles and B.O.B., the group released its debut album Crossdresser on the Invisible label two years later. After returning in 1994 with Pitchforks and Perverts, the Evil Mothers headlined the Invisible Route 666 tour, which also featured labelmates Psychic TV; in 1995, Mackey also toured as a member of Pigface, returning to record the I Love Fur EP in 1996. The full-length Spider Sex and Car Wrecks followed a year later, and in 1999 the Evil Mothers resurfaced with Beatings–Incriminating Fruit.

Track Listing
1. Teen Strap Party
2. Articles Of Faith
3. Hardware
4. Warm Wire
5. Lust Horse
6. You Had Enough
7. Godswill
8. For Kicks
9. Bad Blood Flows
10. P.G.F.C.

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