Afrika Bambaataa – Feeling Irie – 12″ vinyl single on ZYX Records





Afrika Bambaataa – Feeling Irie – 12″ Vinyl Single
Brand new, never played, unsealed
ZYX Music

Real Name: Afrika Bambaataa Aasim

Kevin Donovan, April 10, 1960, Bronx, NY, USA. He later changed his name to Afrika Bambaataa Aasim, after a nineteenth century Zulu chief.

He grew up in New Yorks South Bronx, his musical eclecticism matched by his vision of African American social and racial unity. In the mid-1970s he was one of the pioneers of New Yorks emergent hip hop culture of rapping, DJ mixing and scratching, graffiti and breakdancing. Along with two other Bronx DJs, Grandmaster Flash and Kool DJ Herc, he began playing small percussive sections from obscure and unexpected rock, funk and electro-pop records as a rhythm track for rappers, interspersing the beats with extracts from cartoon melodies and film themes.

Inspired by the British film Zulu, Bambaataa had founded a loosely convened organization of hip-hops cultural luminaries, called the Universal Zulu Nation. Described as both a fan and a master of records, Bambaataa achieved one of his lifetime ambitions in 1984 by recording Unity, a duet with James Brown.

Packaged in a generic ZYX (teal/ gray/ black/ white geometric) sleeve

Track Listing
Hot Club Mix 5.40
Free Flowing Trance Mix 6.18
Vocal Irie Mix 6.05
Epic Mix 5.48

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