Zhivago – Celebrate (the love) – 12″ Vinyl Single on ZYX Records





Zhivago – Celebrate (the love)- 12″ Vinyl Single

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the original factory seal
ZYX Music 1996 ZYX 66048-12

Real Name: Claudio Mangione, Svan Taurus, Walter Edlington

Members: Claudio Mangione, Eliz Yavuz, Joan Wilson, Svan Taurus, Walter Edlington

Name Variations: All | Zhi-Vago | Zhi Vago | Zhivago

Made In Germany

Packaged in a generic ZYX (teal/ gray/ black/ white geometric) sleeve

Vocals – Joan Wilson

Track Listing
Celebrate (The Love) (Planet Vision Mix) (7:43)
Celebrate (The Love) (Over The Clouds Mix) (8:07)
Celebrate (The Love) (Magic Butterfly) (4:25)
Celebrate (The Love) (Club Mix) (7:07)
Celebrate (The Love) (Sequential One Atmo Remix) (6:54)
Celebrate (The Love) (Move The Crowd Mix) (6:10)

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