No Use For A Name - Incognito - Cassette tape on New Red Archives Records

No Use For A Name – Incognito – Cassette tape on New Red Archives Records




Product Description

No Use For A Name – Incognito – Cassette

New Red Archives Records

Incognito was No Use for a Name’s debut full-length, a solid slab of hulking hardcore with mighty fists full of metal. At this point, the group was a trio comprised of Tony Sly, Rory Koff, and bassist Steve Papoutsis. Melodies were at a premium, the rhythms were pusillanimous, the attitude angry, and the atmosphere threatening. On the almost Neurosis-like “It Won’t Happen Again,” they’re absolutely menacing, a far cry from their more contemporary sound. However, there are hints of their future direction. “Truth Hits Everybody,” for example, is fast and furious, with a contagious melody and an anthemic, harmony-rinsed chorus. Producers Brett Gurewitz and Donnell Cameron give the whole album a shine, smoothing down the more jagged edges and gracing the album with a more coherent feel than the group really had in those early days. No Use for a Name had a way to go, and at this point they were more in the thrall of metal than punk. That would change.

Track Listing
1. DMV
2. Sign The Bill
3. It Won’t Happen Again
4. Hail to the King
5. Weirdo
6. Truth Hits Everybody
7. Felix
8. Noitall
9. I Detest
10. Puppet Show
11. Record Thieves
12. Power Bitch


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