Speed The Plough - ST - Cassette tape on Coyote Records

Speed The Plough – ST – Cassette tape on Coyote Records




Product Description

Speed The Plough – ST – Cassette

Song List
1. River Street
2. Big Bus
3. Veszprem
4. Tommy’s House
5. Ella’s Way
6. Cardinal Rules
7. No One’s Alone
8. Blue Bicycle
9. Everyday Needs
Speed the Plough arose out of the ashes of the Trypes, which was partly made up of the members of the Feelies, a band that reactivated itself in the late ’80s. The remaining member of the Trypes stayed together and added new members, becoming Speed the Plough. Though richly layered with woodwinds and acoustic guitars, John Baumgartner’s songs bore a clear relationship to those of Feelies members Glenn Mercer and Bill Million.The songs on SPEED THE PLOUGH are centered on grooves, though they are pastoral in their bearing. These lushly propulsive pieces build upon a few chords and realize their power through intricate song structure. The vocals of Baumgartner and Toni Paruta are unadorned and function largely as another element in the tapestry of the arrangement.


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