The Ghost Poets – ST – Cassette tape on Razor And Tie Records





The Ghost Poets – ST – Cassette

Razor & Tie Records
Featuring Michael Stanley

The Ghost Poets consist of ex-members of long-time Midwestern favorites Michael Stanley Band, including their namesake leader. Following the 1987 break-up of the Michael Stanley Band, Stanley spent several years away from music, although not too far away, as he remained somewhat involved covering regional entertainment for a couple Cleveland television programs and as an afternoon disc jockey for a radio station. When Razor & Tie reissued his band’s back catalog during 1992-1993, Stanley was reinvigorated and reunited with former bandmates Jonah Kolsen and Bob Pelander, and singer Jennifer Lee, who had performed with them in the past, to form the Ghost Poets. Razor & Tie took on the project and released the group’s self-titled debut in 1994. Stoked by the heightened profile from the Michael Stanley Band’s reissues and the participants still strong regional following, the Ghost Poets had a ready-made audience and sold well; but the momentum stalled when airplay was hindered by Stanley’s DJ status and the view by many stations that he was a competitor. The group soon disbanded. However, Stanley would go on to record a solo record that would see involvement by Pelander.

Track Listing
1. Darkness, Darkness
2. Everything
3. Liars’ Moon
4. Oh Jessi
5. Casanova
6. Broken Radio
7. Two Hearts
8. Somewhere Over Paris
9. I Will Not Be Denied
10. Why Should Love Be This Way
11. Promise, The
12. Sights On You (Juliet Of The Spirit)
13. Since You’ve Been Gone

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