Uncle Tupelo – No Depression – Cassette tape on Rockville Records





Uncle Tupelo – No Depression – Cassette

Rockville Records

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

Original 1990 Pressing, Not A Re-Issue

Uncle Tupelo’s landmark opening salvo is the group’s most rock-oriented album, steeped more in breakneck speed, punk crunch, and guitar dissonance than any of their subsequent efforts. Indeed, despite the presence of mandolins, fiddles, and banjos — as well as inclusion of the title track, a faithful cover of the A.P. Carter classic — the trio’s vaunted country leanings are less musical than thematic on No Depression, thanks in large part to singers/songwriters Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy’s acute depictions of rural, blue-collar life. Like the Replacements — never more obvious an influence than on this LP — Uncle Tupelo’s songs paint grim, unrelenting portraits of aimless Midwestern existence, split between days working on the opening cut’s “Factory Belt” and nights spent blurry-eyed and wasted (“Whiskey Bottle,” “Before I Break”). Still, for all of the record’s doleful cynicism — virtually every cut nods toward dashed hopes, broken promises, and paralyzing fear — there’s an undeniable electricity afoot as well; by channeling the mournful clarity of country into the crackling fury of punk, No Depression brings new life to both musical camps.

Track Listing
1. Graveyard Shift
2. That Year
3. Before I Break
4. No Depression
5. Factory Belt
6. Whiskey Bottle
7. Outdone
8. Train
9. Life Worth Livin’
10. Flatness
11. So Called Friend
12. Screen Door
13. John Hardy

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