Compilation - Gothspotting - Gothic CD on Cleopatra Records

Compilation – Gothspotting – Gothic CD on Cleopatra Records



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Compilation – Gothspotting – Compact Disc

Gothspotting is a decent overview of the state of goth-rock in the late-’90s, also mixing in a few veterans like David J, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, and the Virgin Prunes. Other featured acts include Delerium, Rosetta Stone, Big Electric Cat, Switchblade Symphony, Chandeen, the Wake, Nosferatu, the Alpha Project featuring Gitane Demone, Suspiria, Corpus Delicti, Children on Stun, Edera, and Die Laughing.

Song List
Spirit – Delerium
Magic – Alien Sex Fiend (Pyramid mix)
Witches – Switchblade Symphony
Nothing – Rosetta Stone
Nazarene – The Wake
Eyelash – Big Electric Cat
Ulakanakulot – Virgin Prunes
Silverheart Music – The Alpha Project/Gitane Demone
Gathering, The – Nosferatu
Gods Take Dust – Suspiria
Twilight – Corpus Delicti
Celibacy And Anadin – Children On Stun
Good Things – Edera
Cervix Couch – Christian Death
Nemesis – Die Laughing
Strawberry Passion – Chandeen
Party Is Over, The – David J


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