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Dangerous Toys – Pissed – Compact Disc

The mid-’90s were exceptionally unkind to practitioners of sleaze rock, and with song titles like “Loser” and “Hard Luck Champion,” it’s possible to assume that Dangerous Toys were feeling the big rock backlash while recording Pissed. The unambitious 1994 release is sturdy collection of gutter anthems similar to those the band whistled all the way to the bank during their 1989 heyday. What a difference five years can make. The post-Nevermind alt-rock world was not about to cut headbangers like Dangerous Toys any slack, and Pissed was given no consideration, driving the Texas group deeper underground. Stuffed with bad-boy posturing and power balladry, this disc has all the hooks needed to go platinum many times over — in 1984. A decade later, blues-based, commercial-rock outfits like Dangerous Toys had expended all their media capitol, leaving the whiskey-chugging, hair-flingin’ outfits desperately tossing records like Pissed into the wind.

Song List
1. Pissed
2. Paintrain
3. Law Is Mine, The
4. Promise The Moon
5. Strange
6. Loser
7. Hard Luck Champion
8. Screamin’ For More
9. Oh Well, So What?
10. Illustrated Man

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