HR - Keep Out Of Reach - 3 Inch Compact Disc on SST RecordsHR - Keep Out Of Reach - 3 Inch Compact Disc on SST Records

HR – Keep Out Of Reach – CD on SST Records




Product Description

HR – Keep Out Of Reach – Compact Disc

An epic — downright metal-sounding, even — single, Keep out of Reach slots in neatly aside Bad Brains’ I Against I in its slightly more mainstream but still pretty strong punch. The title track itself appears in two versions, the main one mixing hints of reggae into the music, but mostly keeping that atmosphere with H.R.’s fine singing voice. Calmer dub beats slot alongside some soaring guitar, especially toward the suddenly all-the-more-anthemic ending, and the whole is a pleasant listen indeed. The second version is explicitly listed a dub take, though most of the echo and treatment is applied to the vocals; aside from extra swirling guitar here and there, the music is pretty well unchanged. “Power of the Trinity,” meanwhile, is a fine praisesong for Haile Selassie, shifting between stop-start thrash, warmer reggae grooves, more cascading guitar swells, and some highly wacky humor, H.R. is always the perfect vocalist at any point.

Song List
1. Keep Out Of Reach
2. Keep Out Of Reach – (alternate version)
3. Power Of The Trinity


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