Magnapop – Rubbing Doesnt Help – Austrialian import CD on Cortex Records





Magnapop – Rubbing Doesn’t Help – Compact Disc

Australian Version

Cortex Records

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

For their third album, Magnapop sands away even more of their punk edges, leaving behind a competent, and occasionally engaging, post-grunge pop-punk band. The production on Rubbing Doesn’t Help is too big for the songs, with echoing drums and fat, loud guitars, but there are enough strong songs scattered throughout the album to indicate that the group’s talent for tuneful yet intense pop hasn’t abandoned them.

Song List
This Family
I Don’t Care
Open The Door
Hold You Down
Come On Inside
Down On Me
Apology, An
My Best Friend
Juicy Fruit
Radio Waves
Dead Letter

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