Missing Foundation – Assault On Your Life – Rare red vinyl seven inch on Lungcast records 1992





Missing Foundation – Assault On Your Life – Seven Inch

Lungcast Records 1992
RARE Red Vinyl

New York Citys Missing Foundation harked back to the sound and style of early industrial provocateurs like Throbbing Gristle and Einsturzende Neubauten, not just in their tribal percussion onslaught but also in their theatrical social-protest stunts. Led by Pete Missing, MF was a collective with several core members, several more auxiliary members, and a host of associates that swelled their ranks to as many as 20. Fueled by anarchist politics, the band favored agitprop slogans chanted over a cacophonous racket of metal, machinery, oil drums, garbage, and other found-object percussion, with guitar and other traditional instruments audible only occasionally. Their anti-establishment screeds took aim at a variety of targets, but what truly mattered were the groups incendiary live events – destructive spectacles that provoked civil disturbances, histrionic media outrage, and citywide bans by nervous club owners. Even the bands logo — an upside-down martini glass in the cryptographic Neubauten style that came to signify The Partys Over – was the center of a widespread graffiti campaign on New Yorks Lower East Side, a discomforting weapon used to devalue properties and slow the area’s gentrification (in keeping with the bands special concern for the poor and homeless).

Track Listing
Assault On Your Life
Man In The Arena

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