Mike & The Mechanics - Word Of Mouth - Vinyl LP on Virgin Records

Mike & The Mechanics – Word Of Mouth – Vinyl LP on Virgin Records



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Mike & The Mechanics – Word Of Mouth – Vinyl Album
Brand new, never played, unsealed
Virgin Records 1991

It’s a terrible shame that “Word Of Mouth” was neglected, because there are several songs on this wonderful album that could’ve been potential hits. The catchy opener, “Get Up,” nicely sung by Paul Carrack, could easily have been a radio hit. The title song is an awesome, energetic sing-a-long rocker (complete with a cheering, sing-a-long audience), and brilliantly sung by the late, great Paul Young. “A Time And Place,” sung by Carrack, is a beautiful ballad. Carrack also takes the mike for the very bouncy, finger-snapping “Everybody Gets A Second Chance,” featuring a great guitar hook from Rutherford. Paul Young delivers more excellent vocals on the heartfelt “Stop Baby,” and the passionate “Let’s Pretend It Didn’t Happen.” There’s even an excellent duet for the two Paul’s on the fine popper, “My Crime Of Passion,” and “Before (The Next Heartache Falls)” is a powerful closer, featuring a top-notch vocal from Carrack, and fine accompanyment from the London Community Gospel Choir. The songs, co-written by Rutherford, Carrack, B.A. Robertson and co-producer Christopher Neil are all excellent, the musical performances are strong, and the production is bright and sparkling.Unfortunately, “Word Of Mouth” is now out-of-print.

Track Listing
Get Up
Word Of Mouth
A Time And Place
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
The Way You Look At Me
Everybody Gets A Second Chance
Stop Baby
My Crime Of Passion
Let’s Pretend It Didn’t Happen
Before (The Next Heartache Falls)


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