Underground Zero - Through The Looking Glass - Vinyl LP on Flickife Records

Underground Zero – Through The Looking Glass – Vinyl LP on Flickife Records




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Underground Zero – Through The Looking Glass – Vinyl Album
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Underground Zero is a British space rock band, based in Norfolk, UK. The band is also known as UZO. While the band is often referred to as “Underground Zero” or “Underground Zer0” in print, the official name of the band includes the the slashed zero in its name. Their sound is similar to Hawkwind.

The nucleus of UZO was started in 1979 by Andrew Rix (bass/vocals), Adrian Rix (keyboards) and Judi Griggs (vocals) who, together with drummer Brian Savage and guitarist Karl Dawson. From 1981, now known as Ground Zero the group underwent several major changes. Brian left and was replaced by Mike (Mel) Melnyk and guitarist Paul Holden joined. In 1983 Mel left and was replaced by Sean Holden. The band also featured on the UKs Tommy Vance’s Friday Night Rock Show on Radio 1, during 1983-85 the band developed a large following in the new Psychedelic scene. At this point the name became Underground Zerø to avoid confusion with a R & B group in the London Area. The performed at the large open air concert Anglia for Africa along which also featured Hawkwind, Aswad, Magnum. Underground Zero also performed at the last Stonehenge festival with Hawkwind and has featured on Hawkwind, Friends and Relations albums. Although UZ0 never split up they stopped performing live in 1994. In 2005, they resumed live performances, doing 3 gigs in the UK and released a new CD called “Powerplay.” In 2006, they performed at the Eastern Haze Festival in Somerlyton Hall, UK.

Track Listing
Between Worlds
The Elite


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