Yellowbeard: High Jinks on the High Seas! – Paperback




Yellowbeard: High Jinks on the High Seas! Paperback

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272 Pages

Among the many blackguards who left their bloodstained mark on history, the foulest of them all was the pirate Yellowbeard. His name struck terror into the hearts of gentlefolk in the days when Queen Anne was a monarch rather than a table. Until recently, however, Yellowbeard’s exploits were lost in the swirling mists of time.

Our story begins on a barque at anchor on the Spanish Main where the grim grandee, El Nebuloso and his evil inquisitor, El Segundo, gloat over a fortune in gold. With a blood-curdling oath, Yellowbeard strikes and makes off with the loot. Betrayed by his brutal bosun Mr. Moon, Yellowbeard spends the next twenty years in His Majesty’s Prison, St. Victims for the Extremely Naughty.

When he escapes, Yellowbeard immediately heads to the pub, now owned by his wayward wife to whom he’d entrusted his treasure map. Seems she burnt it, but not before tattooing it on the head of their son Dan. What ensues is a high-seas high jinks as all set sail for the Spanish Main where both the treasure — and an explosive welcome by El Nebuloso — await.