Band Of Susans – Now – Cassette tape on Restless Records





Band Of Susans – Now – Cassette

More of interest to completists than in its own right, the album gathers two tracks from the forthcoming album, Veil, while the track “Now Is Now” is a remix of a lesser track from the previous album. While all are solid compositions, none are essential or significantly different from the album cuts. The song “Trash Train” is an unusually up-tempo tune for the quintet, and the instrumental rocks pretty hard but is hardly indispensable. The band does deliver a solid cover of the Stones’ “Paint It Black,” taunting fans with what the band might have been able to accomplish with material of equal emotional weight.

Song List
1. Trash Train
2. Following My Heart
3. Pearls Of Wisdom
4. Paint It Black
5. Now Is Now – (remix)

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