Gaye Bykers On Acid – Stewed To The Gills – Cassette tape on Caroline Records





Gaye Bykers On Acid – Stewed To The Gills – Cassette

An explosion of sounds and styles, Britain’s Gaye Bykers on Acid were among the leaders of the short-lived “grebo” scene, which proved instrumental in bridging the gap between rock and hip-hop. Formed in Leicester, England in 1986, the Bykers — whose image did indeed fuse Hell’s Angels grunge with the psychedelic excesses of the hippie counterculture — were fronted by the flamboyant vocalist Mary Mary (born Ian Garfield Hoxley), supposedly a former runner-up in a local Alternative Miss Universe competiton who frequently took the stage in dresses and platform shoes. In addition to co-founders Robber (a bassist born Ian Reynolds), guitarist Tony (Anthony Horsfall) and drummer Kevin Hyde, the group was later joined by DJ William Samuel Ronald Monroe, better known as Rocket Ronnie.

Song List
Better Off Dead
Testicle Of God
Hair Of Dog
Harmonious Murder
Bedlam A Go Go
Fairway To Heaven
It Is Are You

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