Hawkwind – Space Bandits – Cassette tape on Roadracer Records





Hawkwind – Space Bandits – Cassette

Many Hawkwind fans have never heard this album, and that’s a shame because it is one of the strongest and most consistent discs of the band’s career. Yes, it is a little weird hearing a female voice singing Hawkwind cuts, but Bridgette Wishart has a great voice and truly captures the Hawkwind spirit. The tracks are some of the most multi-dimensional and dynamic to come from the group, and the presence of violinist Simon House lends a bit of a Hall of the Mountain Grill texture in places. With a disc this strong it is hard to pick standouts, but a couple of pieces do rise above the rest. The album-opener “Images” is pure hard-edged Hawkwind with some wonderful changes. The violin really adds a lot to the number. The environmentally conscious prog ballad “Wings” is definitely another winner. At last check this one was out of print, but if you are a Hawkwind fan and can find it, by all means pick it up. You will not be disappointed.

Song List
1. Images
2. Black Elk Speaks
3. Wings
4. Out Of The Shadows
5. Realms
6. Ship Of Dreams
7. T. V. Suicide

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