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Ignorance – The Confident Rat – Cassette

Ignorance were a heavy metal band from Nottingham, England, that attempted to capitalize on the short-lived funk metal fad of the early ’90s with two albums for Metal Blade: 1991’s The Confident Rat and 1992’s Positively Shocking. Neither of these fared particularly well in the marketplace, though, and despite seeing some live action when they opened the Dynamo Festival in Holland and toured Germany in support of funk-thrashers Mordred, vocalist Neil Duthie, guitarists Marcus Stone and Steve John, bassist Stef Brooks, and drummer Niki Beric would go their separate ways with little to show for their efforts by 1993.

Song List
1. Questions
2. Sean
3. It’s Never Wrong
4. Momma Hocus
5. Hello And Goodbye
6. Confident Rat, The
7. Garden, The
8. In My Hands
9. Why
10. Funny


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