Residents – God In Three Persons Soundtrack – Cassette tape on Ryko Records





The Residents – God In Three Persons Soundtrack – Cassette

In 1988, the music press was proclaiming the latest Residents’ release a masterpiece. God in Three Persons might still be one, but frequent listeners can get lost under all that narrative: a sing-songy poem that extends the entire length of the piece. A year later, Ryko released this “soundtrack,” a selection of instrumental versions from the album, releasing the music from the narrative thrust. What remains is equally impressive late-period Residents, narrow in tonal palette, but broad in its symphonic use of the theme tune and subthemes, based around the song “Double Shot” and the hymn from which the piece gets its title. A judicious use of saxophone and trombone (real or sampled? the listener must decide) and some angelic backing vocals add to the success of this mature work, still profound (maybe more so) sans vocal.

Song List
1. Main Title (God In Three Persons)
2. Hard And Tenderly
3. Devotion?
4. Thing About Them, The
5. Their Early Years
6. Loss Of A Loved One
7. Touch, The
8. Service, The
9. Confused (By What I Felt Inside)
10. Fine Fat Flies
11. Time
12. Silver, Sharp And Could Not Care
13. Kiss Of Flesh
14. Pain And Pleasure

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