Skin Chamber – Wound – Cassette tape on Roadracer Records





Skin Chamber – Wound – Cassette

A ruthlessly heavy fusion of industrial noise and thrash metal, Wound was one of the strongest alternative rock CDs of 1991. Skin Chamber, a duo with a very dark, morbid outlook, wasn’t very well known, but its two members had solid credentials. Having been members of the underground unit Controlled Bleeding, guitarist/vocalist Paul Lemos and drummer/vocalist Chris Moriarty were quite proficient when it came to the art of musical brutality. Unapologetically abrasive and dissonant, “Mind Grinder,” “The Nails of Faith” and “In the Sewer of Dreams” demonstrated that metal’s guitar-powered aggression and industrial’s high-tech assault could be a most potent combination.

Song List
1. Carved In Skin (Apt. 213)
2. Slice Of God
3. Sucked Inside
4. Skin Me
5. Mind Grinder
6. In The Sewer Of Dreams
7. Burning Power
8. Nails Of Faith, The
9. Fat Hacker
10. Horde
11. Swollen Underground
12. Swallowing Scrap Metal (Pt. 2)
13. Healing Time

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