Tangerine Dream – Canyon Dreams – Cassette tape on Miramar Records





Tangerine Dream – Canyon Dreams – Cassette

Tangerine Dream is probably the most acclaimed and most maligned electronic music act ever. Most of the maligning comes when they take risks and perform outside their paradigm. Reviewers might criticize the band, but they respect them. The nicest fit occurs, however, when Tangerine Dream takes a risk and it works. Canyon Dreams is such a project. It is the soundtrack to a video of the same name. It features the Tangerine Dream lineup of Edgar Froese, Christoph Franke, and Paul Haslinger. The unique quality of this disc is the Native American influence. And it is just an influence. Froese, Franke, and Haslinger make it work because they stay within themselves and do not try to mimic anyone. They are experts at creating sequenced atmospheric soundscapes, and that is what they do here. They follow a Native American pace and use flutes so that the disc has the feel of the American Southwest. It is, however, unmistakably Berlin school electronic music. This is quite unique. It will appeal to fans of Soulfood, Steve Roach, Matthias Gohl, and Michael Stearns. It is a classic.

Song List
1. Shadow Flyer
2. Canyon Carver
3. Water’s Gift
4. Canyon Voices
5. Sudden Revelation
6. Matter Of Time, A
7. Purple Nightfall
8. Colorado Dawn – (bonus track)

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