The Dashboard Saviors – Kitty – Cassette tape on Medium Cool Records





The Dashboard Saviors – Kitty – Cassette

The debut from Georgia’s Dashboard Saviors is a lost treasure. There is not a bad song on this whole disc, but it was almost completely ignored by the general public. The Dashboard Saviors are like a harder-rocking version of the Jayhawks or a better version of the Gear Daddies. Kitty was produced by R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck and, despite being a scruffy-sounding band at times, Kitty is still very clear and exact sounding — much like an early R.E.M. album. The highlight of this disc, however, is the songwriting. In “Town,” Todd McBride talks of a Molotov cocktail being made with a “Boone’s Farm bottle and an Aerosmith T-shirt.” He has a knack for using detail to paint extremely vivid images. If the Dashboard Saviors were a little glossier, they could have been more commercially successful. Songs like “Drivin’ Blind” and “Been Meaning to Do” sound like they could have been hits by the Wallflowers. If you can find this disc, snatch it up and listen often.

Song List
1. Cabaret College
2. Been Meaning To Do
3. Consummation
4. A Trailers A Trailer
5. GI Joe
6. Town
7. Drivin Blind
8. The Coachs Wife
9. Tracys Calender
10. Dropping
11. Dilettantes Ball
12. Brother Shiloh Collins

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