The Dashboard Saviors – Spinnin On Down – Cassette tape on Medium Cool Records





The Dashboard Saviors – Spinnin On Down – Cassette

The Dashboard Saviors are an Athens, GA-based roots-rock band consisting of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Todd McBride, Michael Gibson (guitar), Rob Veal (bass) and John Crist (drums). R.E.M.’s Peter Buck, a longtime champion of the band, produced the Dashboard Saviors’ debut album, Kitty. The group’s songs often delve into sketches of small-town Southern life, as titles such as “Coach’s Wife” and ”A Trailer’s a Trailer” would suggest.

Song List
1. Jackrocks
2. We Got An Idea
3. Nothing
4. Telling Stories
5. Not The Engineer
6. Rand McNally Blues
7. Pawnbroker
8. All Them Things I Did
9. Laundromat
10. Climbing The Walls
11. .45
12. Sal Paradise

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