Ultra Vivid Scene – Ultra Vivid Scene – Cassette





Ultra Vivid Scene – Ultra Vivid Scene – Cassette

Ultra Vivid Scene is Kurt Ralske like Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor. Although Ralske’s atmospheric art pop could not sound less like Reznor’s thudding industrial disco, the two are not that far apart in terms of aesthetics; Ralske’s lyrical obsessions with such gothy standbys as sex, religion, and death make the band’s three albums naturals for the mopey black-clad teenager in us all.

Song List

1. She Screamed
2. Crash
3. You Didn’t Say Please
4. Lynn-Marie #2
5. Nausea
6. Mercy Seat
7. Dream Of Love, A
8. Extra CD Track
9. Lynn-Marie #1
10. This Isn’t Real
11. Whore Of God, The
12. Bloodline
13. Kiss And A Slap, A
14. How Did It Feel
15. Hail Mary
16. Mercy Seat – (12″ mix, bonus track)

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