Walter Wolfman Washington – Wolf Tracks – Cassette tape on Rounder Records



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Walter Wolfman Washington – Wolf Tracks – Cassette

Rounder Records
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Guitarist/vocalist Walter “Wolfman” Washington didn’t get his shot on a national label until his 1986 debut for Rounder. While the album wasn’t flawless, he possessed a strong, often compelling voice and was a skilled guitarist who could play effectively in a blues, R&B or jazz mode. Washington turned in a competent cover of the Tyrone Davis hit “Can I Change My Mind,” spun a good yarn on “You Got Me Worried” and sounded weary, forlorn and anguished on various cuts. Although his songs weren’t exactly lyrical triumphs, they were earnestly performed, and Washington displayed more than enough talent to justify subsequent followups.

Track Listing
1. I’m Tiptoeing Through 4:43
2. Thinking For Yourself :3:45
3. Are You The Lady? 5:33
4. Sweet Cakes 4:16
5. It Was Fun While It Lasted 3:37
6. You Got Me Worried 5:54
7. One Way Or Another 5:19
8. Can I Change My Mind 4:14
9. Without You 5:02

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