Wipers – Silver Sail – Cassette tape on Tim Kerr Records





Wipers – Silver Sail – Cassette

Tim Kerr Records

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

Silver Sail proves that the stone-faced frontman with the long, string-bending fingers is still moving forward without ever departing from the formula. It not only picks up where Greg Sage’s solo LP Sacrifice (For Love) left off, but it also revives a thread he dangled on solo LP Straight Ahead, the first half of Follow Blind, and the last three cuts on The Circle: A slower, prettier, spacier, moodier Sage emerges, and undertones produced by his magical playing separate him from all previously mining this field. The more deliberate pace gives Sage’s virtuoso guitar skills even more opportunity to bob and weave, stab and stun, float and tickle, tease and torment.

Song List
1. Y I Came
2. Back To The Basics
3. Warning
4. Mars
5. Prisoner
6. Standing There
7. Sign Of The Times
8. Line
9. On A Roll
10. Never Win
11. Silver Sail

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