Wreck – Soul Train – Cassette tape on Wax Trax / Play It Again Sam Records





Wreck – Soul Train – Cassette

Play It Again Sam Records

Brand new, never play and in the factory plastic but promo cut

In the 1980s and early to mid-’90s, Chicago’s Wax Trax label could usually be counted on to deliver adventurous alternative rock. One of the many noteworthy alternative bands Wax Trax documented was Wreck, which was in good form on the appealing if uneven Soul Train. Nervous, jerky, and abrasive, cuts like “Raised by Whites,” “Rust Belt,” and “Bad Energy” take some getting used to. But the more one listens to these abstract, difficult songs, the more one realizes just how worthwhile most of them are. Wreck didn’t exactly go out of its way to be accessible, and you won’t find a lot of melodic hooks on this CD. Soul Train sounds very much like the work of a band that had no desire to compromise its creative vision.

Song List
1. Bad Energy
2. Relocate
3. Postkill
4. Raised By Whites
5. Bumfolk Aire
6. Ribs And Balls
7. Rust Belt
8. Retail
9. Wrhodesia
10. To The Bridge
11. Various Times
12. Song X

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