Benediction – Grotesque Ashen Epitaph – British death metal CD on Nuclear Blast Records



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Benediction – Grotesque Ashen Epitaph – Compact Disc

Song List
1. Grotesque, The
2. Ashen Epitaph
3. Violation Domain – (live)
4. Subconscious Terror – (live)
5. Visions In The Shroud – (live)

The hard-drinking British death metal band Benediction formed during the late 1980s; originally comprised of vocalist Barney Greenaway, guitarists Peter Rewinski and Darren Brookes, bassist Paul Adams and drummer Ian Treacy, they made their LP debut in 1990 with Subconscious Terror. By 1992’s Grand Leveller, Greenaway had left the band, later surfacing in Napalm Death; his replacement was vocalist Karl Willetts. Trancend the Rubicon followed in 1993, and in 1995 Benediction issued Dreams You Dread. After a three-year hiatus, they returned with Grind Bastard.

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