Brother Weasel – See Inside For Details – CD on SST Records





Brother Weasel – See Inside For Details – Compact Disc

Song List
1. Rock-A-Bye
2. Black Not Red
3. Sandu #1
4. Preacher, The
5. Twisted
6. Blues Walk
7. Jivin’ Around
8. Chameleon
9. Sandu #2

Looking at the odd drawings on the back cover of this CD, one might expect this to be an intense avant-rock set. In reality, one gets to hear a spirited blues band rocking out on a variety of mostly-basic material including several jazz standards (such as “The Preacher,” “Twisted,” two versions of Clifford Brown’s “Sandu” and Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon”). Since Vince Meghrouni plays both drums and tenor, his saxophone solos were dubbed in later, but they fit so naturally into the music that his doubling could have fooled anyone. The musicianship overall is decent if not flawless and the material may not be all that fresh. However the spirit of the swinging ensembles (which include Bill Barrett on harmonica and guitarist Paul Hobbs) and the generally jubilant solos (these guys obviously were enjoying themselves), plus the novelty of hearing a blues-oriented group play jazz, makes this a CD worth picking up.

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