Compilation – Taste Test #1 – CD on SST Records





Compilation – Taste Test #1 – Compact Disc

A collection of live performances on Splat Winger’s “Brain Cookies” as broadcast from the studios of KXLU-FM, Los Angles

Brand new, never played and in the factory plastic but promo cut in spine

SST Records

Song List
Hear Me — fIREHOSE
Relatin’ Dudes To Jazz — fIREHOSE
Fair-Weather Friend — Deborah Exit
Firehead — Roger Miller
Tales Of Brave Ulysses — Screaming Trees
I Smoked Dope With Judge Ginsberg — Paper Bag
City Of Junk — Cat’s Cradle
Satan Music — Brother Awest
Vampire Party — Crimony
Sasquatch Rock — Lawndale
Tom Sawyer’s Got Cancer — Skinhorse
O My Mind — Always August
Resentments — 5UUs
Our America — Brother Awest
Themselves — D Boon
First Day Of Spring 1985 — Wanda Coleman
The Alchemist’s Stone — Red Temple Spirits
High Time — Universal Congress Of
With A Wave — Abominable
Peter Pan — Freshly Wrapped Candies
Yes Stephen, There Really Are Musicians From San Pedro — D. Boon & The Stone Puppies

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