Gary Numan – Strange Love – Compact Disc





Gary Numan – Strange Love – Compact Disc

This 1999 reissue contains five bonus tracks not on the original release.

All tracks have been digitally remastered.

1986’s STRANGE CHARM may be Gary Numan’s most commercial album-even more so than THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE, which spawned the seemingly deathless hit single “Cars.” And while CHARM hasn’t penetrated beyond Numan’s small but devoted cult following, it nonetheless contains some of his finest work. The only Numan album that seems consciously geared toward the commercial marketplace, STRANGE CHARM lives up to its title.

The album hits a nice balance between chilly synthesizers and atmospheric guitars, at times sounding a bit like Joy Division or the moodier, pre-“I Melt With You” Modern English. Single “My Breathing” and the sarcastic “New Thing from London Town” are particularly excellent. “Unknown and Hostile” features a surprisingly jagged guitar solo that recalls the post-punk desperation of Numan’s first band, Tubeway Army. This reissue adds five bonus tracks.

Song List

1. My Breathing
2. Unknown And Hostile
3. Sleeproom, The
4. New Thing From London Town
5. I Can’t Stop
6. Strange Charm
7. Need, The
8. This Is Love
9. New Thing From London Town – (12″ version)
10. Time To Die – (“New Thing” B-side)
11. I Can’t Stop – (10″ version)
12. Faces – (“I Can’t Stop” B-side)
13. Survival – (“This Is Love” B-side)

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