Noise Box – Monkey Ass – CD on Cleopatra Records





NoiseBox – Monkey Ass – Compact Disc

Electro Industrial Crossover. The Assault You Will Not Forget!

Song List
1. Deception
2. Desire
3. Killing Spree
4. Skinner
5. Tempted
6. Suffer
7. I Hate U
8. Misery
9. Some Of U
10. Hopeless Desire
11. Monkey Ass
12. Cyboman
13. Blood
14. (Untitled) – (hidden track)

In a city renowned for its output of grunge bands, Seattle’s Noise Box are one of the few industrial bands on the block. The duo of Dre and Shadow began recording together in the early ’90s, with a raging sound quite similar to regional heroes Skinny Puppy — who had set up shop across the border in Vancouver almost ten years before. After a demo tape sent to the industrial label Cleopatra gained them a contract, Noise Box recorded Nuffnutz for a 1995 release. Two years later, the group returned with The Beginning.

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