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Ultra Vivid Scene – Rev – Compact Disc

Kurt Ralske’s Ultra Vivid Scene drenches a listener with charged psychedelic folk-rock on Rev. Jangling, wailing guitars, deep basslines, and shuffling drums transport a listener to Ralske’s passionate dreamy realm. Evoking heady, dark imagery in his lyrics, Ralske thankfully varies his pace and tone throughout the album. One doesn’t know whether to expect a screaming guitar solo or dreamy female background vocals at any given moment. It’s quite a feat that Ralske is able to stretch his catchy hooks and melodies into songs that hover and go well past the five-minute mark. That Ralske also maintains a somewhat dour vocal style, but still manages to hold a listener’s rapt attention, expresses that fine songwriting and arrangements are on display. Equally successful whether it’s pumping out Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd-inspired atmosphere or neo-psychedelia reminiscent of World Party, Rev is loaded with compelling songs. Sounding born of the Rolling Stones, in their vibe-heaviest mode, Rev exudes timeless tunes. Rev shows dream pop at its symbolic, aggressive zenith.

Song List
1. Candida
2. How Sweet
3. Cut-Throat
4. Medicating Angels
5. Mirror To Mirror
6. Portion Of Delight, The
7. Thief’s Love Song
8. Blood And Thunder
9. This Is The Way


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