Compilation – Program Annihilator – A Soundtrack for Destruction – Double Vinyl Records





Compilation – Program Annihilator – Double Vinyl Album

SST Records

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic but small promo cut in spine

Song List
War Is Our Destiny – Saint Vitus
White Stallions – Saint Vitus
Darkness – Saint Vitus
White Magic/Black Magic – Saint Vitus
Annihilate This Week – Black Flag
Society’s Tease – Black Flag
You’re Not Evil – Black Flag
Beat My Head Against The Wall – Black Flag
Thirsty And Miserable – Black Flag
Victimized – Overkill
Ladies In Leather – Overkill
Locust, The – D. C. 3
Maniac, The – D. C. 3
Catacombs – SWA
Sex Doctor – SWA
Sine Cosine – SWA
Feast – Wurm
Bad Habits – Wurm

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