Fred Small – No Limit – Vinyl Album on Rounder Records





Fred Small – No Limit – Vinyl Album
Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal with a drill hole through jacket
Rounder Records 1985 4018

The political insight and human compassion that inspired Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Fred Small to seek a law degree continues to be expressed in his folk-rooted songs. Over the past two decades, Small has musically addressed everything from homosexuality in the military and the unnecessary difficulties of the disabled to radioactive frogs and a moose’s infatuation with a cow. Pete Seeger, Rosalie Sorrels, The Flirtations, Steve Gillette and Priscilla Herdman are only some of the many musicians who have covered Small’s songs. Small’s tune, “Everything Possible” was used for the finale of the AIDS benefit musical, Heart Strings, in 1992.

Track Listing

1. Big Italian Rose
2. Jimmy Come Lately
3. Scrambled Eggs and Prayers
4. Everything Possible
5. Cranes Over Hiroshima
6. Peace Dragon
7. Leslie is Different
8. Father’s Song
9. No Limit

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