SWA – Sex Doctor – Vinyl album featuring guitarist Sylvia Juncosa on SST Records





SWA – Sex Doctor – Vinyl Album

Blending the punk sounds of the SST label (Black Flag, Minutemen) with those of ’70s hard rock sludgemeisters, SWA debuted in 1985 with Your Future (If You Have One). Led by former Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski and vocalist Merrill Ward, the group released Sex Dr. the following year and then added guitarist Sylvia Juncosa (also with To Damascus). XCIII followed in 1987, after which Evolution 85-87 summed up the first three albums. Juncosa left soon after to begin a solo career, with Phil Van Duyne replacing her on 1989’s Winter. It was SWA’s last album, though Juncosa released solo albums in 1988 and 1989.

Track Listing
1. Catacombs
2. Sea And Sky
3. Sex Doctor
4. The Only One
5. Oklahoma
6. Onslaught
7. Big Ride
8. Round And Round
9. The Evil And The Good

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