Trotsky Icepick – Presents Danny and The Doorknobs In Poison Summer – Vinyl album on SST Records



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Trotsky Icepick – Presents Danny & The Doorknobs In Poison Summer – Vinyl Album

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal

SST Records
Small Cut In Spine

Track Listing
1. Whispering Glades
2. Poison Summer
3. In Exile
4. Northern Lights
5. Harmona
6. Little Things You Don’t Know
7. Full Cone Excursion
8. Love To Hate
9. Wooden Legs With Real Feet
10. Healing
11. Slow Motion
12. Game, The
13. From A Quiet Heart
14. Wooden Legs – (reprise)
15. Farewell

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